If parents require bussing, they must request it for their K – 6 children by April 1st prior to the September their children will starting school (no district provides bussing for PreK children). We must have student textbooks ordered for children by June 1st, or they likely won’t be here in time for the opening of school. For these reasons, as well as for planning next year’s budget, we encourage parent to register their children in March.

While we encourage March registrations, we understand sometimes this is not possible. We therefore will admit children at anytime during the school year. We would be happy to send you registration information and, if you wish, set up a time when your child can spend some time in one of our classrooms. Just give us a call (235-7287).

Our Nursery School for three year olds is open year round and takes registrations at any time. Children must be bathroom independent to be registered in our Nursery School. For more information or to set up a meeting or visitation, give them a call at 237-6973.