DROPPING OFF AND PICKING UP CHILDREN  For the safety of everyone, please do not park in the crosswalks or double park when dropping off or picking up your children. Children are always picked up in front of the school on 4th Avenue. 114th Street, next to the school, is for school bus parking only. When drivers have to sneak around cars parked in the street, someone is going to get hurt. The Boys and Girls Club just down the street has generously offered their parking lot for parents while they walk to the school to pick up or drop off their children. Thank you for your cooperation.

SOME THINGS WE COULD USE  I am continuing my appeal for donations of musical instruments for our Band. We have more students signed up for Band this year than ever. Donations of usable instruments (not strings) that are sitting somewhere in an attic or cellar would be very much appreciated. We also need a refrigerator for one of our PreKs. Do you have one of those “cube” ones you aren’t using any more? We’d love to have it. A full size refrigerator would also work.

BLANKETS AND HATS FOR SALE We have St. Augustine School blankets and baseball caps for sale in the office. The blankets are a beautiful blue fleece with St. Augustine’s embroidered in gold in the corner. They come with a carrying strap. The hats are also St. Augustine’s blue with St. Augustine’s School embroidered in gold on the front. The blankets are $20 each and the hats are $13 or 2/$25. They are not available elsewhere, not even from our uniform supplier. Show pride in your school
FINANCIAL AIDE Any family that would like to be considered for any form of financial aide for next year MUST fill out – or send in on line – their application to FACTS Grant and Aid. We have the forms in the office or you can use their on-line application at FACTS charges a $25 fee to process your application. The deadline for applying for a Lally Award or be considered for a Beacon of Hope award is April 15th. Lally awards tend to run about $750 and usually about ten of our families qualify. The Beacon of Hope awards run about $1,500 and we usually qualify for one about every other year. We have applications for the Beacon of Hope Award in the office. This award is only for students who are already enrolled in the school K – 6. The third type of financial aide available is a Pastor’s Scholarship. Anyone applying for any Pastor’s Scholarship help should be prepared to help out with our BINGO efforts which largely support this fund.