If a child is injured at school, his/her parents will be notified. Emergency Information Forms should be completed for each child in September. Please notify the school immediately upon any change of pertinent information (address, phone, etc.). It is imperative that we know how to contact a parent or another adult during the day.


For the convenience of parents who must work, we provide an Aftercare program for our children. Pre-registration, including payment of the Aftercare registration fee, is necessary for participation in this program Payment is due weekly by the Friday of each week the program is used. Children will be suspended from the program if their account is not kept current. In the event of a half day of school (11:00 dismissal), Aftercare is still available at twice the normal rate. In these instances, the lunchroom is closed so children must bring a bag lunch and drink. A snack is provided each day to Aftercare students. Students staying for Aftercare should have sneakers with them as each day includes activities in the gym.

Aftercare in no case extends beyond 5:30 p.m. Parents/guardians who pick up their children after this time will be billed at the rate of $1.00 for every minute they are late.


N.Y.S. education law regulates daily attendance. This law lists the following as legal excuses for absence from school:
• Sickness or death in family
• Severe storms or impassable roads
• Sickness
• Religious observances
All other absences are considered illegal and are recorded as such on the student’s attendance record. Illegal absences would include family vacations when school is in session, truancy, etc. Teachers are not expected to prepare assignments ahead of time for students who will be away on family vacations while school is in session. Parents assume responsibility for their child’s schooling during these illegal absences.
Parents requesting make-up work because of a child’s extended legal absence are asked to call the school office, leave a message for the teacher involved, and make arrangements to have the work picked up at the school. Teachers will need some time to put assignments together.
When a child returns to school after an absence, he/she must present a written note signed by a parent/guardian explaining the reason for the absence.
If a parent must speak with a student during school hours, this meeting will take place in the school office only. Teachers have been instructed not to release any student without authorization from the office.
Parents picking up their children at dismissal are to wait outside of the school for their children.
For the security of all, parents are not permitted to go to the classrooms without an appointment, and without checking in at the office.
Children in Pre-K and walkers will be dismissed only when a parent meets the child at the school exit unless the school has received authorization from the parents for someone else to pick up the student at dismissal.
For the safety of your children, please cross the street at the corner or in the crosswalk.Please do not double park or park in the crosswalks or bus parking areas when picking up or dropping off your children.
The teachers will dismiss K-6 bus students from the 114th St. exit. Children are checked off on a master list as they board busses so we know at all times who took the bus home.
If a child is to be picked up by another child’s parent, he/she must have on their person a signed note from his/her own parent giving permission, and the school secretary or principal must initial this note. If a child comes to school with such a note in the morning they should bring it to the office as early as possible so it can be initialed. In the absence of the signed/initialed note, the child will be brought to the office at dismissal time until the issue can be resolved by phone.

BeforecareFor the convenience of parents who must drop their children off at school early, we provide a Beforecare service. Beforecare begins at 7:00 a.m. The cost is $4.00 per day per child. Children do not have to be pre-registered for Beforecare. Payment should be made to the office each Friday of the week children have used this program.

Breakfast is served at 7:40 for students not in Beforecare. Students left prior to that time may be charged the Beforecare rate.


Students are expected to be polite and respectful to everyone and generally behave as one would expect for a student of a Catholic School. Violations of this basic rule
e.g. defiance, fighting, answering back, destruction of school property, abusive/vulgar language, and any other inappropriate behavior will be dealt with seriously by the teacher and/or principal. Consequences range from warnings, to conferences with the principal, and calls home. Extreme infractions may result in detention, suspension, or expulsion from school. The administration retains the right to make exceptions to existing rules and regulations.

Desks, lockers, and cubbies in school are the property of St. Augustine’s School and we reserve the right to search them at any time.


Most textbooks are on loan to each student through his/her public school district through the New York State Textbook Loan. Books used by Lansingburgh and Troy students are kept in school during the summer. Students from other districts are responsible for picking up their books from their public school district in September and returning all texts to them in June. All textbooks should be covered and kept in good condition all the time. Damaged or lost books must be paid for. Religion books belong to the school and the same policy applies with regard to the care of these books. ALL BOOKS ARE TO BE CARRIED TO AND FROM SCHOOL IN A BOOKBAG OR BACKPACK.


Busing is provided for most children in Kindergarten through grade 6. N.Y.S. education law requires that transportation policies determined by an individual school district for public school students must be equally available to students residing in the district attending non-public schools. These policies vary among districts. It is the responsibility of the parent to apply for transportation from the appropriate school district by April 1st. Children and parents should be aware that the privilege of riding the school bus may be revoked by the school district for inappropriate behavior.


Each Friday, or the end of the week, a Friday Newsletter from the Principal is sent home with each child, Nursery through Grade 6. The Newsletter lists upcoming events as well as any changes that may have been made to the yearly calendar. It is assumed that parents read and are aware of information contained in the Newsletter. If for some reason you don’t get one, another can be picked up in the school office. The current Newsletter can also be found on the school’s web page at

If you would like to talk with a teacher during the day, please call the office and leave your phone number and we’ll ask the teacher to call you back during one of their breaks later in the day.

A child who becomes ill during school hours will be sent home only if the parent / guardian can be contacted and arrangements can be made by the parent to transport the child home.

Closing of School
It is our policy to notify parents in advance of scheduled early dismissals or days off so adequate arrangements can be made for childcare. A school calendar is mailed to each family in August. It is also posted on the school’s web site. Replacements are available in the office. Any changes to the calendar will be noted in the Friday Newsletter.

Emergency Closing
If school should be closed or delayed for inclement weather or other emergency, it will be carried with the following media: WGY Web , WFLY (92.3 FM), WRVE (99.5 FM ) , WYJB (95.5 FM), WNYT TV, WRGB TV, WTEN TV, Capitol News 9, and WXXA TV. If the phone lines are working, closings/delays will also normally be on the school’s answering machine. While our Nursery School is not closed for weather, you should call ahead to make sure that staff have been able to make it to school before dropping off your children (237-6973). If school is closed, so are most Pre-Ks and Pre-K options. If school is delayed, there is no school for students who are in the morning only program. Students in the full day package (till 5:30) may be dropped off at the delayed opening time in the Nursery School.

Each student has the responsibility for returning books on the day they are due. If a student has overdue books he/she may not take out new books until all overdue books are returned. A student who loses a book will be expected to pay for it.

Children have the option of bringing their lunch or buying one at school. Cafeteria rules include respect for everyone, remaining seated until directed to move, cleaning up the table and seat areas, and an orderly dismissal. Candy and gum are not allowed in school or the lunchroom. Our monthly menus and ordering forms can be found on our website under “Menu”.

Breakfast is offered M-F, 7:40 - 8:00 a.m. Parents who leave their children off prior to 7:30 may be charged the Beforecare fee for that day. Students must be in the cafeteria no later than 7:50 to have time to buy a breakfast. Late busses are the exception to this rule.

We are part of the Federal School Lunch program and many of our students qualify for a free or reduced breakfast and lunch. We have applications in the office.

Our teachers give up at least one of their lunch periods each week to supervise children in the lunchroom at this time. We are always happy to have parents help us out during lunchtime so these teachers can have a quiet lunch with their peers. Lunch normally runs from 10:50 until 12:05 each day. If you can volunteer your time – even once a week - to give us a hand, please call the office.

Parent-Teacher Communication
Any parent who has a question about classroom procedure should contact the classroom teacher to discuss the question or problem. Parents should call the school and leave a number (home and work) where they can be reached when the teacher is free. Any classroom concerns that parents have should be discussed FIRST with the teacher involved before involving the principal.

Parents should not expect to meet with teachers before school starts or at the end of the day without first making an appointment.

Physical Education
Classes are conducted twice a week for grades K-6. Every Child participates in the Physical Education program unless a written note from a doctor is presented to the school nurse. She will then notify the P.E. teacher. On gym days, the school uniform consists of the navy blue sweatshirt with the gold school logo and navy blue sweatpants with the gold school logo. In September and June the uniform consists of the navy blue tee shirt with the gold school logo and navy blue shorts with the gold school logo. Students are to wear sneakers on gym days. They must bring boots to wear for walking to the gym when the road is wet or snowy. Wet/salty shoes destroy the finish on the gym floor and create a slipping hazard for all.

Our spring P.E. program includes swimming at the nearby Boys and Girls Club. On swimming days students should wear their bathing suits to school and bring a change of underwear and a dry towel in a plastic bag labeled with their name.

School Day
The K through Grade 6 day begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 2:10 (2:05 for the K). Parents of children in K – 6 may drop off their children as early as 7:40 a.m. at the school. No supervision is available at the school before that time. Students in K – 6 gather on the sidewalk in front of the school (4th Avenue). PreK parents and children should gather on the sidewalk on the north side of the school (114th Street). PreK parents are responsible for supervising their children until teachers bring them into the building. K – 6 Parents should not accompany their children into the school when teachers bring them inside due to cold or inclement weather. For the first week of school, Kindergarten parents may bring their children to their classroom. They should then leave. Experience has shown that students adjust very well to new settings if given the opportunity. During inclement or cold weather, PreK parents may bring their children in and wait with them outside their classrooms until teachers bring students into the classrooms. After dropping off their children, Pre-K parents should exit the school through the 114th Street door.

The Pre-K full day classes begin at 8:00 a.m. and end at 2:00 p.m. 

Since the school phone is a business line, students are discouraged from using it unless it is an emergency. Forgetting an instrument or homework at home are not considered to be emergencies. Students are not to bring cell phones or beepers to school and any that are brought to school will be confiscated and held in the office for parents to pick up.

The school day for grades K – 6 begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 2:10 (2:05 for K).
Any child who arrives after morning announcements for a reason other than a late bus will be considered tardy. The doors to the school are locked at 8:00 a.m. Students who arrive after 8:05 a.m. must check in at the office before going to class. Parents, as well as teachers, should make children aware of the importance of punctuality and compliance with a stated school policy. All instances of tardiness are recorded on the child’s permanent record card.

All parents and visitors are required to report to the school office when entering the building. For security reasons, in NO case may parents or visitors go directly to a classroom.