Comparing Manchester Airport to Starbucks

Published: 2021-09-12 09:15:09
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One of the aims of Starbucks is Global Responsibility. This is similar to Manchester Airport's aim Environmentally Friendly because Manchester Airport is planning to cut the amount of CO2 emissions and recycle more; also Manchester Airport provide triple glazing windows for people who live very close to Manchester Airport so that they aren't affected by the sound. Starbucks is intending to make 100% of their cups recyclable by 2015, also to make 100% of their coffees in high quality, to contribute over 1 million lion hours of community service by 2015, to make 100% of their coffees fair traded. Also Starbucks is aiming to reduce energy and water conservation plus, Starbucks staff cleans their equipments such as mugs, cups etc, so that it's re-usable.
These are similar because both of the company is planning to make the environment better by recycling plus they both care about other people and the planet because Manchester Airport is providing triple glazing windows, in addition, Starbucks is paying their farmers with fair trade. This shows that both of the company care about other people because they provide something to customers so that it's suitable in the condition they live in.

They are also different because Manchester Airport runs only in tertiary sector because they provide a service to people. Starbucks runs on entire sector primary, secondary and tertiary because they pay farmers to grow the beans so they are primary, they are in the secondary sector because they roast the beans into coffee, and they are in the tertiary sector because they sell the products and provide a service to customers.
In addition there is also a big difference between both because Starbucks sells products such as coffees, cold drinks, equipments etc. Also Starbucks produces its own product. Manchester Airport only rents out space to Airlines. Starbucks serves cold drinks, hot drinks, muffins and cake and more and they even merchandise cups with the Starbucks logo on it. Manchester Airport provides a service; they have shops in the airport so that you can buy food and drinks. Plus on top Manchester Airport's activities has a massive difference compared to Starbucks the only similarity is that they both work in the tertiary sector plus, they both provide a service to customers.
Starbucks coffee company and Manchester airport are very different business so their activities are not similar at all. Starbucks activities involve selling more than just coffee; they sell cold beverages, hot beverages and have a wide variety of different types of teas. Starbucks also sell merchandise such as
Which Business Is Bigger?
Starbucks business is far bigger than Manchester Airport; this is because Starbucks run internationally, Starbucks runs in more than 55 countries and they have 16,635 stores worldwide therefore, they are making massive profit worldwide and so they would need more staff to operate the business. Manchester Airport has only has one airport in Manchester, they are not an international business so they make less profit and so they have less staff.
Competitors Manchester Airport - Liverpool and Heathrow
Both of the company's competitors are similar because their rivals do exactly the same thing.
Café Nero and Costa Coffee is Starbucks rival runs in all of the sectors, pay their farmers with fair trade, provide coffee and recipes, provide cold drinks and sell equipment, for example espresso machine and filter machine. Costa Coffee sells coffees such as espresso, cappuccino, Americano etc. These drinks are exactly the same as what Starbucks provide. However Café Nero has a different theme which is used on its website, it's very different compared to Starbucks, Café Nero has a black background on its website and the logo is just a plain blue rectangle box that says Café Nero.
This website doesn't look that appealing, because it's very plain nor does it look posh. Costa Coffee website theme is a maroon background and a plain white logo saying "Costa". Starbucks logo looks more nicer than Café Nero and Costa Coffee because it's not just plain it's a circle logo that says "Starbucks Coffee" and on the centre it shows a coffee, the background of the website is cream and has a picture of a leaf at the back, the website is also well organised, it's more far more easier to navigate therefore it would be more appealing to customers.
I think that Costa Coffee won't be able to compete well against Starbucks because they only have 442 Stores and also Café Nero has only 520 shops worldwide, whereas Starbucks has 16,635 Stores, Starbucks website looks far more organised and more expensive than both of their competitors therefore, I believe that Starbucks are successful on being competitive.
Liverpool and Heathrow Airport are just exactly same as Manchester Airport because they rent out space to airlines and provide a service to customers.
Heathrow is Manchester Airports main UK competition because it has 5 terminals, more airlines fly from there, particularly long haul flights to the US with British Airports. To compete Manchester Airport could rent out to airlines for less money so that they try to gain more business with long haul companies such as continental virgin Atlantic. Liverpool John Lennon Airport is main local competition - they specialise in Budget Airlines such as Ryan air and Easy jet, therefore Manchester Airport has got to attract budget airlines. Qatar airlines fly from Manchester Airport. Manchester Airport has better services such as shops, restaurants etc. Heathrow Airport has 67 million customers every year, whereas Manchester Airport has only 53 Million customers every year.
So I believe that Manchester Airport isn't that good at competing with other airlines, however they can improve by making more space so that more airlines can fly, and make more long haul flights and rent space to airlines for cheaper so that they get more airlines.

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