Contrast/Comparison Essay on Horror Movies

Published: 2021-09-13 14:05:09
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Lexus Marshall English 101/Sec 011 Comparison & Contrast Essay 10/16/12 Ms. Watkins In two horror films, "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" the main killers have similarities and differences between each other. By their past, their killings, and weapons. In the horror film, "A Nightmare On Elm Street", takes place in a town called Elm Street where teenagers are paying the price for actions their parents made, by burning a man to death, when they were young.
His face is disfigured from being burned, he wears a red and black sweater, and has razor knives on his hand. His name was Freddy Kreuger, and he would kidnap young children and burn them in a furnace. Although the parents killed him when they found out what he did, his spirit didn't erase and he had the ability to enter the teenagers dreams where he can exact his revenge. He brings them to an old abandoned building in their dream and stabs them with a glove that has razor knives.
Unless they escape, which eventually he catches them. Except for one of the teenagers named Nancy Thompson, who manages to escape him every time. In the other horror film, "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", a serial killer named Thomas Hewitt, also known as Leatherface, murdered people who would pass by their small Texas town. Unlike the film "A Nightmare On Elm Street", the town is stranded and not a lot of people live there.

Thomas Hewitt, who was abandoned as a baby turns into a murderer. Unlike Freddy Krueger, Thomas first sometimes tortured his victims in horrific ways by skinning them alive. He makes a mask with the skin he took off to make a mask for his face, Because when he was born his face was disfigured. He takes the people that he finds brings them into his house and commits the killings in his basement with a chainsaw, which people soon thought he was in love with. There were no survivors.
The similarities between both the murderers in the films are that they both are serial killers who lived a rough childhood. Both were bullied by other children growing up. And thought of killing at a very young age. They also both have disfigured faces, but from different reasons. In two horror films, "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" the main killers have similarities and differences between each other. Although one is fictional and the other is based on true events, they both still have

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