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Published: 2021-09-13 16:55:09
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Emotional Intelligence Abstract: Emotional intelligence is a learned response that can be changed. Emotional intelligence is simply understanding ourselves and others, and acting in the best interest of ourselves and others. My test results of an Emotional Intelligence test from The Institute for Health and Human Potential made me quite emotional as I read them. The Emotional Intelligence test had questions that were to be answered on a sliding scale, from one side being strongly disagree to the other end being strongly agree.
The questions were about my feelings on several different areas of life experiences. The questions were easy and straight forward. To me they were about common sense. There also was a short 4 part video to watch. To me it was quite silly, about a manager with a lot of emotional issues. My test results said I was slightly above average in Emotional Intelligence with room to grow. That made me smile. As I read on the results choked me up. I felt like this very informal test told more about me than I even know about myself or at least am willing to say about myself.
The second test was from Queendom the land of tests and was called the Emotional Intelligence Test. This test had a few more questions than the first test. Again the questions were easy and straight forward. The questions were to be answered on a sliding scale like the first test. The questions seemed a little more personal than the first test. Both tests made me sit back and really think about my answers. The second test consisted of two parts, a self-report portion, and an ability portion. The test asses my ability to recognize my own emotions and those of others.

Also how to understand how best to motivate myself and become closer to others, and to manage my feeling and the feeling of others. It also stated I was reasonably good but there was some room for improvement. Overall I am fairly skilled at understanding and dealing with emotions. It also stated I was reasonably skilled when it comes to the ability to identify, perceive and express emotions in myself and in others. As for limitations, I don’t always choose the most ideal form of resolution for others’ conflicts. And the manner in which I would resolve conflicts are not always beneficial.
Emotion intelligence refers to an ability to recognize the meanings of emotions and to reason and problem solve on the basis of them. (Mayer, 1999) Emotional intelligence involves the capacity to perceive emotions and understand the information of those emotions and manage them. Emotional intelligence is important because it is critical to manage ones behaviors and in making critical choices in life. Emotional intelligence has a massive impact on personal and professional success. Emotional intelligence can be increased with practice.
The limbic system (the emotion brain) reacts to events first before we have the opportunity to engage the rational brain. (emotionalintelligence. net) the definition of emotional intelligence requires effective communication between the rational and emotional centers of the brain. Plasticity is a term to describe your brains ability to grow new connections between neurons that facilitate the use of new behaviors. When you work to increase your emotional intelligence the billions of neurons between the rational and emotional centers of your brain branch off to communicate with the cells around them.
A single cell can grow up to 10,000 connections to the cells around it. Improving your emotional intelligence can be done by thinking before you speak and self-knowledge. To me an example of high emotional intelligence is someone who is self-motivated, even when there are bad circumstances and they still stay motivated. In other words, they are not quitters. Someone that can control their temper is high in emotional intelligence. References: Mayer, Caruso, Salovery, 2000 Emotional Intelligence, Why it can matter more than IQ, Daniel Goleman Emotionalintelligence. net

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