Female Foeticide

Published: 2021-09-03 05:15:10
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Female foeticide is killing a girl child before she is born and it is the gravest crime for me as it denies the girl child the right to live even before she is born. The main reason behind this crime is that people consider a girl child as a liability rather than an asset. In rural areas the problem is that a girl child is equated to the money that would be need to educate and marry her. Even though women today can easily rub shoulders with men, almost in every field they set their mind to, the common misconception still remains that it is the male who will help run the house, and look after his parents.
Now let us consider the far reaching consequences of this grave crime. Due to this the sex ratio of our country has fallen from 962 in 1981 to 914 in 2011 girls for every 1000 boys. This ratio is as low as 848 girls for 1000 boys in countries like china and Vietnam. This steep decline in number of women has caused problems like women trafficking and an increase in rape and assault on women. These crimes undermine the status of women which makes up about half the population of earth. Ignorance is one of the major causes for the increase in the selective sex abortion cases.
Spreading awareness can go a long way in saving our future sisters, mothers, girlfriends and wives. Widespread campaigns and seminars shoul be held for young adults and potential parents to enlighten them about the ill effects of female feticide. Co-educational institutions and equal opportunities for men and women in working sector can provide an excellent platform to develop a mutual respect for each other. In my opinion this respect and recognition of the counterpart is the only way to completely remove the gravest moral crime in our society, female foeticide.

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