Friendship Between Male and Female Cant Exist

Published: 2021-09-11 01:40:08
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Friendship between two people of different genders may sound commonplace, in fact there are people who are great colleagues who share something in common, but ... you can call it friendship? Although we are used to socially friendships only exist between same sex and that the friendship between a woman and a man is hiding something more, in fact friendship is a relationship that builds over time and is based to share tastes, experiences, and other affinities that go beyond the sex of the person.
Friends should be chosen based on the similarities and not based on sex. But it should be noted that a friendship between a man and a woman can lead to form a couple, if both are willing to risk that may imply, because if the relationship does not work can never back to maintain a friendship as they had previously. Moreover, many people think there may be only friendship between man and woman if you first had a different relationship between them.
That is, we cannot get along as a couple but we have enough in common to be friends. It goes without saying that this type of situation is not comfortable with the current partner who is one of those friends who were couples so surely that must eventually do away losing the bond of friendship that united them. It could happen if one of them is willing to sacrifice his new love .

When it comes to friendship between men and women line that separates this love relationship seems to be fine and easy to pass, even to cause confusion in any of the two when it begins to assess what would happen if were a little further. But also the friendship between man and the woman also has positive aspects It can make us see things from a different perspective. It teaches us to have a different view of relations between man and woman, and therefore a broader vision.
It helps us be more tolerant of the other sex. There is no rivalry or jealousy because these feelings are peer. Men tend to be more competitive with them and women tend to be more jealous. Also you can achieve a better understanding of the opposite sex, contributing to greater understanding and appreciation of the opposite sex.. A friend from the opposite sex can be very beneficial to understand our partners and enhance our relationship.

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