Green Days by the River

Published: 2021-09-15 20:20:09
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How would you feel if you were put in the position of having to choose between attending school and getting an education over working so that you can help your family circumstances? Shell, a fifteen year old boy had made a decision to work instead of attending school and obtain an education. Why do you think a boy that young will choose to work? Shell chose to work because he is helping out his mother as she is the only one in the family who is doing well other than himself. His father is ill as he was put to bed rest.
Shell has made a commitment to work on a plantation with Mr. Gidaharee and also he has gotten a second job at a coco plantation to help out his family circumstances by being another member in the family who can support financially. Do you think that was a good choice that Shell made? I believe that the role of a fifteen year old has a right to attend school and obtain an education but also I believe that a fifteen year old has a right to help out his or her family circumstances. You must be thinking which one I agree with the most.
Well I agree with working to help your family circumstances. If Shell does not help out financially then where will that put his family? In this case as I mentioned before Shell is a fifteen year old boy who has chosen to work over obtaining an education to help out his family, especially his mother financially. I agree with the statement fully as it is a family circumstance. With Shell being able to work, he is able to help out his family tremendously especially his mother who was the only one working.

He is making it easier for his mother by bringing in money to support her, his sick father, and himself. Many people think that if a teenager drops out of school due to family circumstances that they will not be successful in life. I do not believe in that statement due to the fact Shell can always attempt to go back to school. He can work for about 5 years and help support his family to get them on a good financial level and once completing that task he can go back to school and get his education.
Shell was not forced to work he has come upon himself and chosen to work to help out his family. This shows Shell to be very caring for his family and also shows the maturity that Shell has. With Shell working do you think his mother appreciates him working and not obtaining an education? I think that his mother appreciates and puts a smile on her face because it is less stressful for her. If Shell did not work she would have to work to bring money into the home and also take care of Shells’ father.
I believe that Shell has made a good decision in helping out his family even though he is only a fifteen year old boy. Who knows it may just work out for him and he may be able to get his education later on in life. I also believe that Shell would do anything in his power to help out his family. He will continue working with Mr. Gidahree at his plantation and also working at his second job at the coco plantation to help his family circumstances.

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