Impact Diet on Health

Published: 2021-09-11 04:05:07
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Diet makes people think as a weight loss regime. The majority of people think it is products with low calories, and help you to control your weight. But the actual meaning is a process of eating food or nutrients vitamins. Healthy diet and nutrition have a positive impact on human health. On the other hand poor diets have harmful lasting effects. If a human does not have a good diet the body won’t have any nutrients to play the inside role of the body. Nutrition helps your body to be strong and to fight against diseases.
Unhealthy diet can have consequences with physical body, as well as can affect your thinking and mental job. A poor diet can result to many health issues, such as heart disease, high blood pressure high levels of cholesterol, asthma, sometimes even diabetes. But a very dangerous problem usually caused by eating less than you are supposed to can cause Anorexia.. This mental and physical disorder is usually found in athletes, models or ballet dancers, who aim to get thin day by day. This syndrome can be found in normal people who have an unhealthy poor diet.
It is more towards a physiological disorder, there is a stage of Anorexia Nervosa is when person is constantly dieting carrying to an extreme level, and that is Dale. Dale is when people try to loose much more weight than necessary, and they still feel overweight. They see themselves as very fat, and that’s what makes them to keep on loosing weight. Force feeding anorexic people does not work, since there brain is mentally trained not to eat, therefore they will throw up if they are force fed. Having a poor diet can result many physical effects related to the extreme weight loss.

Heart rate can increase, BMR, in addition to the body temperature all drop to low levels. When the fat in the human body is used, the body breaks the muscle tissue for energy, and that can result to heart damage. As well as if this disorder occurs in an age of puberty the body growth stops. Anorexic victims usually have low confidence level which in generally cause of this disorder. The science has not found the exact treatment for this; but however a small treatment requires a team of professionals, physicians, nurses, psychiatrist and dieticians- to work together.
Mental condition analysis is required to treat this. This treatment plan is developed that deals with physical effects of anorexia and mental reasons for its occurrence. It sometimes involves force feeding, and however does not work with most of the patients. The benefits of the treatment are that psychiatrists and dieticians try to convince the person to eat, as well as knowing the reason for occurrence. A drawback is that there is no certain cure for this, as well as it is very hard to encourage anorexic people to eat, it is very hard to put them back on the right track.
At the same time as well as there is no medicine that can help to cure anorexic people. The social impact of anorexia is the relationship among family and friends can be in tense as the anorexic becomes more and more obsessed with not eating, and tried to stay away from gatherings and parties in fear of force feeding. As well as this disease can be caused by political reasons. E. g. in some countries the distribution of cops is equal and if a family is not able to feed the children that will result to a poor diet and since the children are expected to work on the farms that means too much exercise and poor diet.
And when the children get used to it, they do not feel hungry anymore and that is when anorexia can occur. Furthermore in some cultures or old traditions parents do not feed their daughters, or otherwise they will get fat and nobody will marry them. So they try to feed as least as possible and in addition to they can afford that much. If day by day they get less food than they are used to it, and get thin so much that don’t even realize. Also in some European countries they are forbidden to show slim models on TV and in mass media advertisement, since the fans admire it so much they follow the celebrity.
By not showing them this it can help to prevent it. . Every human being should look after their diet; they should apply all the vitamins nutrients their body requires. All individuals should have a diet, and shall be aware of the amount of nutrients they receive. Poor diet also consists of less nutrients, but also unhealthy food that does not help your body to cooperate with you. Anorexia is nowadays very common among people. Not knowing the reason behind it. And after a person has anorexia it is almost impossible to put him/her on the right track.
Anorexia can lead to different stage, at a level where there is high risk of death. There are no single causes that may influence upon occurrence of anorexia. Usually, all 2 factors are brought into play: The psychological factor- influence of the family and internal conflicts The social factor- influence of environment, expectation, imitation (watching celebs on the TV, your friends around you, you are being insulted that you are fat) However there is no easy cure for this, so care for yourself, accept yourself, and you will never be caught into the trap of inferiority complex.

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