Make Probability Real

Published: 2021-09-13 18:15:10
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Probability plays a crucial and important role in many things: industries, recreation, etc. Let's see how many we can think of. I know that we will all be amazed at how much our every day life is influenced by probability. Identify at least one example of probability encountered in everyday life which has not previously been mentioned. I am the “chef” in the house and work most of my hours in the afternoon.
As I am the one who is the most creative in the kitchen and the evening hours at work prevents me form cooking dinner during a normal time, the probability of me cooking and having dinner prepared before noon, to be heated up later is very high. If my family is to eat a home cooked meal, I am the one to create it. The probability is between 95-97%.  Explain how probability is used in that situation. Probability is used in the above situation because nobody in my home can cook a homemade meal. They love to eat, but they are terrible in the kitchen.
The only way that they will eat a home cooked meal in our home is if I cook it earlier in the day and they re-heat it at dinner time. If something had come up during the day, and I am unable to cook a meal, then the probability that anyone in the house would cook would be zero; because as I stated earlier I am the only cook in our home.  Identify the type of probability your example best fits by explaining whether it is an independent event or dependent upon something else. This situation described could be either a dependent or independent event.

In the case of a dependent event, I would be available during the day, with all of the ingredients to prepare the meal and nothing comes up during the day that would preclude me from cooking the meal. In the event that something came up, this would become an independent event because then I would not be available to cook because I was not at the house able to cook. The greater probability of me being available early in the day is greater than me not being available to cook; because without me cooking my family would have to go out to eat and we are a family who loves to have a different home made creation daily.

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