No life in outer space

Published: 2021-09-15 07:05:09
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For centuries, man has always wondered if he is alone in the entire universe, questions like who built the pyramids in Egypt or the Stonehenge in England have always been in a question in the minds. The term extra terrestrial has always fascinated us, and there have been many movies and book made and written simultaneously, and there have been claims of people who saw U.F.O (Unidentified Flying Object), and strange sized people, but till date no government in the entire world has not approved to these claims, and moreover most of them have been always declared as hoaxes or a misunderstanding with the high powered stealth planes.
But the fact of the matter is that whatever technology and scientific research we have, it shows that is impossible to have a life existence apart from Earth for various scientific reasons, as whole scenario of existence of aliens and life in outer space is just based on hoaxes, stories and assumptions.
The whole theory of existence of an alien life form exist on the cynical question, that if humans and other living creatures were born in this planet, then it is also possible for other life organism to take origin on other planets. The whole episode of existence was well supported, which led to the formation of the famous SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence), but this organization which has a basis on scientific evidences on the basis of radio and optic frequencies have failed for more than four decades to establish even a single contact, or even to prove the slightest amount proof of living organism existing on other planets.

Even after their failure in detecting any life forms, the staff of SETI is still hopeful; this can be evident from the following:
 “If we are alone, then that’s extraordinarily remarkable in such a vast universe. Personally I don’t think we’re that special”
(Courtesy: Prof Seth Shostak, SETI institute)
On the basis of the amount of technology we have, if we have to assess the planets in our own galaxy, existence of life seems to be a very distance vision, as scientifically it cannot be proved that our solar system has any existence of an alien life form. If we take the instance of Mercury, being so close to the sun, it is impossible to have any possibility of having life, because of the intense heat. Moon which is supposed to be our satellite has no atmosphere, thus it is again impossible for life to exist without atmosphere.
The gassy planets in our solar system, provides inhabitable conditions, as there is no solid land for life to exist, critics have removed theories of possibility of life existence in Jupiter’s moon, but still no evidence has been proven. Pluto is very far away from the sun, making it a very cold planet, thus eliminating the chances of existence of life in it. Mars is the only planet that can be considered, because of a percentage of its nature like earth, but Mars has a very harsh atmosphere compared to earth, and it doesn’t have Ozone, theories are implicated about life in mars, but the “Viking” which was send 26 years ago and the “rover”, which was send now hasn’t given any substantial proof to it.
In fact SETI itself admits that the sightings done on earth were hoaxes or illusions which is confirmed by the following
"Most of the sightings can be explained as natural phenomena or aircraft or balloons or other mundane stuff. I still haven't seen any evidence that any of these sightings involve alien spacecraft”.
(Courtesy: Prof Seth Shostak, SETI institute)
The truth is since we have can only base the theories of existence of life on other planets, is by look at our habitable conditions, and if we look for planets for conditions like ours, then it is next to impossible, to find the same amount of habitable conditions, as earth’s life was created by a no. of permuted combinations, which is further substantiated by the following:
“Intelligent life on earth - product of series of extremely fortunate accidents”
(Courtesy: “Life in the universe, are we alone”, Retrieved on February 10th 2008 by site
If theories still have to be raised then it would be of life existing beyond our solar system, but our technology hasn’t reached so far that we can actually scan the entire universe for life and with the amount of high technology we seem to have, it seems till date, life on other planet is not possible, as all the planets that have come under the scrutiny of possible existence of life do not match earth’s habitable condition, and thus are discarded from any possibility.
Aliens and extra terrestrial’s life forms have always and will continue to be a subject of awe and belief for many, and when it comes to science, it only asks for proofs and subjective evidence to accept any theory that would bring light to any evidence of life in outer space.
2)      Nicholas backman,”Life in outer space?”,
3)      SETI: Search For Extra-Terrestial Intelligence,

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