Plastic Surgery in South Korea

Published: 2021-09-03 18:35:12
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Sociology group presentation: Plastic surgery * Plastic surgery is becoming one of the popular ways to change one’s physical appearance in South Korea. * People in Korea believe that looking good can change their lives. * 40% of the people in Korea think that they failed the interview are because they do not look beautiful. * 70% want to change their social status through plastic surgery. Reasons: * Influence of social media: Celebrities have perfect looking.
This brings impact on people’ s The body modification I am going to talk about is plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is popular in today’s society, especially in South Korea. Most people do not consider themselves pretty. In a survey, 40% of the people who failed in the job interview think that they failed the interview is because they do not look pretty, and they want to change their social status from changing their appearance.
And the first option they will choose is plastic surgery. Korea is a very competitive society. People are super competitive about their physical appearance. The social media in Korea is over exadragged, Why is Korea so competitive about appearance: in social media, the actor/actress appear to be so pretty and handsome, and they have higher social status based on how they look, so this had given a hint for people in Korea that how you look is important than what you know.

This article had talked about that how high school kids think about the importance of plastic surgery. It was taken place is urban area and rural area to see the modernization’s impact on people’s idea toward plastic surgery. Media has very significant influence on people’s thoughts about their appearance. They believed that looking good is very important for employment and to succeed in life.

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