Sam Elzebak: Review of Resume and Cover Letter

Published: 2021-09-29 09:40:08
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Dear Customer:
Regarding your kindly submitted resume and cover letter, I suggest the following adjustments and empowerments:
Selection of a strong single font of 10 pt to 12 pt size for both resume and cover letter; supplementing this with varying sizes within the 10-to-12 pt for headings and body, bolding, and bullets for the various sections.

Formatting the resume to make maximum best use of white area and dark print for eye-catching contrast.
Add a very strong, empowering Objective that targets the sort of career position(s) that you want.
Add an Executive Summary and a specific Qualifications section and use strong skills statements and strong verbs.
Add specific numbers for accomplishments, including estimated dollars saved or increased in sales, percentages of time or other items saved, number of new products or processes designed, etc.
Add a Certifications section to include any licenses or certificates you possess for your work, or which could be useful to it.
Possibly add an Awards and Recognition section to highlight your accomplishments.
Add a Special Skills section to include computer programs and software known, various equipment, any foreign languages (reading, writing, or fluent), and/or other skills that others candidates applying for these types of jobs you target may not have and which can make you a standout job candidate.
Formatting the cover letter into a letterhead document.
Using bullet points and more powerful specific language in the cover letter as a sharp, eye-catching display of your potential worth to new employers.
Thank you for the opportunity to review your resume and cover letter.
Best regards.

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