The Decline of Moral Education from the 1950s to Today

Published: 2021-09-29 09:20:10
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Civilization of nations depends on moral character and attitudes of its people. It is acquired by education and training of its people. Education starts right from childhood and is an essential prerequisite for developing a good moral character. Education of a child plays a vital role in improving his/her behavior.
It is a very important and vital step that education should be designed in a way that should help children develop a good character. But unfortunately, this is not the case. Our education system has declined to a level that our new generation is not aware of moral behavior and attitude. Educating a child does not solely rely on the shoulders of a school but it depends on different people according to their role. Education of a child is dependant on teachers, parents and administrators of educational process.
The main participants are parents. Parents are the first place for child where he learns a lot from their own character and how they behave and teach a child. Parents are mainly responsible for bringing the child to maturity and develop their moral character. However, if state schools try to take over this responsibility and then train and educate them in a way to serve the governmental goals, though it might ruin their morals is a deteriorating condition in our education.

States and school are not focusing on the moral behavior and attitudes. Our education system must be to make today’s children tomorrow’s leader.
Leadership qualities determine those traits and characteristics of a person that will make him to lead people, an organization and/or a business. Leadership qualities may vary according to the situations, organizations and tasks. There are different leadership models and their qualities depend on the context of the environment they need to work in.
One of the most important leadership qualities is that a leader is always determined, persuasive and work for their best. It is well understood by them that there is always a room for improvement. Excellence is what they want to achieve and whatever they do. They have a strong desire to do their best and perform outstandingly. The workforce they create is organized, unified, disciplined, cooperative and very productive. They keep setting new standards and carve new ways to improve and bring change.
A very important aspect of leadership is that leader always makes others feel honored and valued. He never makes them feel bad for their mistakes, or criticizes them. Instead he is always an example for his employee and p lays a role model for them. Leader always work for others and willing to serve them. Doing this he never feels inferior or secondary. Serving others gains respect. Helping out others gain their respect and admiration. Employees make the workforce of an organization; failing to motivate them and help them could result in failure of an organization on the whole.
A very important aspect of education is to be tolerant of other and removing discrimination among different ethical groups. Diversity refers to the grouping of different people from wide array of ethnic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Diversity implies that being tolerant of racial groups from different backgrounds and to give them equal rights at workplace, education, tourism and entertainment. Diversity programs in business, education, and employment strive to provide equal opportunities for minority groups to let them participate in all aspects of life. Diversity implies respect and protection of equal rights for others equally as we are enjoying them.
As being part of American society, a nation that has most diverse and different groups of people, it is important to look beyond the limits of differences among people. If we are well developed world we should come out of the notion of race, color and identity. Democracy can be implemented well in a nation by removing the barriers of conventional identities and discriminating each others.
If admissions are not given on equal basis then how the constitution will give equal protection? Practical implementation of Affirmative Action would diminish traditional set back of minority groups who were not given privileges in the schools and profession earlier. But now there is a strong need to reduce this racial and gender discrimination. For advancement of our society and to keep the infrastructure of the nation strong it is the very important and fundamental point. In addition, affirmative action will let schools and profession to obtain more benefits from the talents of diverse groups of people belonging to different gender and race (Gurin, 2002).
The reason for this is that suppose if a school is declining admission to a person who obtained very good scores in his/her test, solely on the basis that s/he is a black or among other minority group, who knows that the same person could later become an eminent personality. By contrary if it grants admission to a white person who deserved less marks may later become a poor professional. The most important reason for affirmative action is to give all rights to the people who deserve their positions in the medical schools. Further to end racial preferences among students of different schools.
There must be different alternative methods develop to stop violence at school. Environment at school greatly influences student’s learning skills.
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