The Effect of the Automobile on American Life

Published: 2021-09-15 16:20:07
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The automobile is one of the most important inventions in our countries history. It has totally affected the American way of life. Four main areas it affected are other transportation, roadways, rural life, and urban life. Automobiles affected other ways of transportation. Horse-drawn transportation was almost completely replaced. Trains and trolleys lost rides as cars became more affordable and popular. Roadways were then created. More than 400,000 miles of new road connected people and places. The construction of the new roadways created many jobs. Along the roadways structures such as filling stations popped up.
Soon after drive-in restaurants, banks, movies, and convenience stores became popular. Tourist cabins were made for travelers passing through the country. Billboards advertising restaurants and products soon lined the streets. The automobile affected the farmers’ way of life. Farmers got their good to the markets faster, giving them a better income. It created greater contact between neighbors in the country, also. People in the country also gained access to shopping and leisure activity within the cities. The urban life was also affected by the automobile. They gained access to the country.
Although most affects were for the better, the cities got hectic. Between traffic snarls and pollution the cities changed. The automobile also caused depopulation of inner cities to the suburbs. As the cities depopulated and automobiles became more popular there became a lack of parking of all the people driving to work. Parking in the city was very high. As a result the automobile changed the American way of life. The way the automobile affected the way of life still continues today. It’s still a major effect on people as in how and where they live and work.

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